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Daystar Payments was born out of the frustration business owners encountered while trying to set up a merchant account, only to face abrupt account terminations by the dominant players in the industry.

Smooth Digital Payment Processing for businesses worldwide

Daystar Payments emerged from the exasperation felt by entrepreneurs when attempting to establish a merchant account, only to encounter unexpected account closures by prominent industry leaders. We aimed to become the world’s go-to partner for electronic payment processing, for all business types, sizes, and industries.

Our solutions are borderless, and we promise any business, in any market, of any size, the technology, connections and confidence to participate and flourish in the new global economy.

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Our Mission

Daystar was built and is managed by a team of passionate Payment Executives determined to provide businesses with electronic payment processing and never have to tell them: “We do not accept your industry type”. It is our mission to board every legal business of any type, anywhere and break all barriers to ensure they’re able to participate in the global economy. It is about giving everyone a fair shot to compete, securely and affordably.

Our Values


Never judge

At our core, we believe in upholding the values of equality and respect, free from prejudice or discrimination. Our interactions with employees, partners, and customers are guided by this principle, and we do not discriminate based on one's profession, heritage, faith, or political beliefs


We must listen

By embracing the art of active listening, we open ourselves to a wealth of knowledge and understanding. We lend an ear to our peers, customers, collaborators, and the ever-changing landscape of the world around us. Through this technique, we strive to enhance our value to all those whom we interact with, making a meaningful impact on their lives and businesses.



At the core of Daystar Payments' philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to transparency. From payment processing fees to the company's capabilities, Daystar strives to provide clear and comprehensive information to its clients, ensuring that every aspect of their dealings with the company is fully understood. This transparency serves to foster trust, eliminate confusion, and build lasting relationships.

What truly sets Daystar Payments apart, however, is the company’s unwavering dedication to always acting in the best interests of its clients. Daystar recognizes that its growth and success are intimately tied to the positive impact it has on the businesses it serves. It is with this awareness that the company approaches every interaction and transaction, steadfast in its commitment to provide value and support at every step.

Our Leadership Team: We do not judge your line of work, your background, your religion, and that is transferred into the ways we treat our employees, partners, and our customers.

Our Wide Range of Services

0% Fee Option. No Surprises – 100% Transparency. Shockingly Great Service. Simple. Daystar.

Our Team

Our diverse and unique team is composed of highly experienced professionals who understand small businesses and share a mission and vision to support them in every possible ways way.

Lukas Swid


Victor Toscano


Renan Rangel

Risk Director

Jessica Chapple


Amber Sotherdan


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Faizin Navas

Head of Marketing & Branding Specialist

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Teresa Mendiola

Merchant Services Manager​

Avi Garde

Merchant Services Specialist


Ella Hernandez

Merchant Services Specialist

Angela Domingo

Merchant Services Specialist


Joy Lyn Valdoz

Merchant account specialist


Lynn Domingo

Merchant Services Specialist

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