Cash Discount Program

Flexible monthly subscription, Limitless credit card transactions, and the ability to completely offset all processing charges.

Eliminate Payment Processing Costs

Zero monthly or annual fees for Cash Discounting

Contract-free engagement

Complimentary equipment

Straightforward customer receipts

With DAYSTAR's Cash Discount, retain identical profit margins whether your customers pay in cash or otherwise.

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Why Customers Prefer Our Cash Discount?

It's straightforward – they cherish the savings. Usually, credit card payments impose fees on you. But with cash payments, these fees vanish. Our program tempts customers to prefer cash, thanks to the absence of these fees.

Simplicity of Our Cash Discounting Program:

We equip with :

We Remove Unnecessary Costs :

Cost Analysis Comparison

Let's explore how much you could be saving on processing fees with Daystar Payments, or perhaps even nothing at all! When assessing your merchant account decisions, ensure you're getting the best value. Compare your current provider's fees to Daystar Payments' transparent pricing. You might find significant savings and clearer billing with Daystar.

About Daystar Cash Discount Program

Payment Security

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Equipment Adaptability​

Our Cash Discounting integrates with multiple POS solutions, catering to diverse business needs. Need a POS system? We've got you covered with a free one.

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Crystal-Clear Customer Receipts​

At checkout, our intuitive software automatically adjusts transactions in real-time to counterbalance any costs through the Cash Discount. Regardless of payment method, you maintain consistent profit margins.​

Daystar: A Fair Cash Discount Approach for All

Ever noticed who brings more profit? Cash or non-cash payers? It's cash. Yet, are you rewarding these customers? Our program does, offering an equitable incentive for those paying in cash. Most customers use non-cash methods, affecting your pricing and profitability, our program ensures your bottom line doesn’t suffer, while providing customers with added value and prevent them from feeling any burden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cash-Discount in layman's terms?

Cash-Discount is a program designed to motivate customers to pay with cash by offering financial incentives, thereby eliminating credit card processing fees for merchants. When customers choose to pay with a card, our technology separates the processing fees and integrates them into the customer’s bill. This ensures that merchants do not pay for those fees, and instead, they added cash without the burden of processing fees.

Will the Cash-Discount method complicate my bill?

Absolutely not! Our Cash Discount program is straightforward. For a nominal month-to-month fee of $25, businesses of any size enjoy unlimited processing.

Is there an additional cost for specific equipment to support cash-discount transactions?

No additional costs involved. We provide FREE ready-to-use equipment, with several upgrade options available at your discretion.

Will this program deter my clients? Is it suitable for my business model?

A common concern, but the evidence speaks for itself. A multitude of businesses have witnessed firsthand that customers recognize and understand the costs associated with credit card use. The minor 3% addition to most transactions is often inconspicuous to customers, yet cumulatively, it significantly impacts a business’s bottom-line. Offering customers the choice to save by using cash makes this program beneficial for both the merchant and the patron.

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