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Once you have your test account, you can review all the PayRetailers solutions and decide which integration best suits your site.

1. Paywall Integration

An all-in-one solution that provides a filtered payment method listing, grouped by payment method channel, that is always up-to-date.

2. Dynamic Method Calling

For integrations which require a more custom-coded approach

3. Direct Integration

Provides the payment method codes directly to the merchant, who can integrate them as they see fit.

4. Mixed Integration

Integrate both: a paywall and a direct integration

5. Plug-In Integration

Our extensive documentation includes all the methods and plug-ins to help integrate your solution as soon as possible.

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Security at Daystar Payments

Risk Management System

Risk & Fraud Management System

Get analytics for your business with customizable reports that fit your needs, and chargeback tracking. Pick any parameter you want to measure or track and receive realtime reports to grow your conversions.

Secure Payment Gateway

Secure Payment Gateway

Your customer's data will always be protected by the most reliable payment security technologies, including EMV, PCI validated P2PE, and tokenization.

In-House Machine Learning Risk Engine

In-House Machine Learning Risk Engine

PayRetailers uses sophisticated fraud detection model, numerous data sources, and our proprietary rules engine to identify high-risk transactions.

Best-In-Class Security Tools

Best-In-Class Security Tools

Create rules that match your business model, such as blocking specific BIN ranges, triggering 3D Secure, or limiting high-value transactions.

Cutting-Edge Platform for Cross-Border Payments

Our cloud-based, multi-instance platform is designed to provide global companies with high-level scalability and security as they grow digitally. With a strong focus on API performance, our platform offers merchants the best solutions in 15 payment markets, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and other countries

Bringing More Flexibility, Performance, and Security to Payments in LATAM

Recurring Payment Solutions

Our Recurring Payments solution is specifically designed for businesses with subscription models. With a one-time integration, it provides direct links to all card issuers to maximize approval rates. We offer a recurring payment solution for each payment option, including alternative methods such as wallets, instant payments, and online debit, among others

Boosting Performance for Optimal User Experience

Our advanced Machine Learning technology, combined with performance-based rules that track transactions across multiple acquirers, helps to decrease failed payments and increase approval rates. We are constantly improving our technical analysis and incident management processes to ensure optimal performance

Compliance and Risk Management on a Local Level

You can rely on our payments platform, which complies with all local regulations, incorporates a smart anti-fraud tool tailored to each region, and includes a range of safety features. Our platform provides card tokenization, risk mitigation, risk scoring, automated chargeback disputes, and many other features to ensure secure and efficient payment processing.

We Drive Positive Change and Connect Communities around the World

At the core of our mission is the belief that access can change the world. That's why we're dedicated to breaking down digital commerce barriers and using innovative payment solutions to connect companies and consumers worldwide, helping to drive the global economy forward

Don’t wait any longer to take your business internationally. With Daystar Payments the world of e-commerce is yours, domestically, regionally and globally.
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