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Our team of experts understands the unique needs and challenges of the firearms industry, which is why we have developed a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions designed specifically for gun shop owners.


We Help you Stay Compliant

If you're running a gun shop, it's crucial to have a reliable payment processing system in place that is not only efficient but also compliant with the regulations and laws governing firearms sales. This is where specialized software and POS systems come into play. By leveraging advanced technology, such systems can help streamline your payment processing, minimize human errors, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Whether you're looking for age verification, background checks, or a secure way to process transactions, a robust software, and POS system can provide you with the necessary tools to help manage your firearms business with confidence and ease. So if you're in the market for a payment processing solution that's tailored to the unique needs of gun shops, look no further than specialized software and POS systems.

Customized Firearms Payment Solutions

Our payment processing solutions are fast, secure, and reliable, ensuring that your customers can make purchases with ease. We provide customized payment processing solutions for both online and in-store transactions, ensuring that you have the flexibility to accept payments from anywhere. At Daystar Payments, we understand that the firearms industry is highly regulated, and compliance is critical. That's why our payment processing platform is designed to ensure that your business remains fully compliant with all federal and state laws and regulations.

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Our Added Values

We are experts in Fire Arms Merchant Accounts

Over 20 Established Banking Partnerships

Approval for High-Value Coaching Accounts at Lightning Speed

Handling of Medium to High-Risk Accounts

Successful Case Studies of Big-Scale Merchants

Support for Business-to-Business (B2B) Vendors

Diverse Options for E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Offshore Merchant Account

High Volumes

Our Offerings

Payment Options and Flexibility

We offer a wide range of payment processing solutions, including credit and debit card processing, mobile payment solutions, and e-commerce payment processing. Our payment solutions are designed to provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers, making it easier for them to make purchases and improve customer satisfaction.

State-of-the-Art Security

Our payment processing platform is secure and fully PCI compliant, ensuring that your customer's payment data is safe and protected. We use the latest encryption technologies and security protocols to keep your business and your customer's data secure.

E-commerce Solutions

DayStar Payments Systems offers a range of e-commerce solutions designed specifically for firearms merchants. These include online shopping carts, payment gateways, and other tools that can help firearms merchants sell their products online and reach a wider customer base.

Expert Industry Knowledge

Our team of payment processing experts has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape for firearms merchants, and we stay up-to-date on all relevant laws and regulations. This allows us to provide expert advice and support to our firearms merchant clients, helping them navigate complex regulatory issues and comply with all relevant requirements.

A comprehensive range of solutions for you to choose from

Accept all Credit and debit Cards
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ACH Processing
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E-Check Payment Handling
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Multiple E-Commerce Gateway Options
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Discounts for B2B Transactions
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Protection Against Chargebacks
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Frictionless Checkout with 3D Secure Technology
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Mobile Payment Support
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Compatibility with EMV Readers
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DayStar Payments Systems, and how can it help firearms merchants?

DayStar Payments Systems is a payment processing company that specializes in providing secure, reliable payment solutions for firearms merchants. Our services include credit/debit card processing, check processing, and e-commerce solutions, all designed to help firearms merchants streamline their payment processes and grow their businesses.

How does DayStar Payments Systems ensure the security of transactions?

We use state-of-the-art encryption technology and other advanced security measures to ensure that all transactions are processed securely and safely.

What are the fees associated with using DayStar Payments Systems?

Our fees are competitive and transparent, with no hidden charges or surprises. We work with each client individually to develop a payment processing plan that meets their specific needs and budget.

How does DayStar Payments Systems support firearms merchants in complying with industry regulations?

We have a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape for firearms merchants and work closely with our clients to ensure that all transactions and payment processes are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

How can I get started with DayStar Payments Systems as a firearms merchant?

Simply visit our website and fill out our contact form, and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss your payment processing needs and develop a customized solution for your business.

At Daystar Payments, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. Our payment processing experts are available 24/7 to provide you with support and guidance whenever you need it. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their payment processing needs are fully met and that their businesses are successful. Join the thousands of businesses that have partnered with Daystar Payments for their payment processing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our gun shop payment processing solutions and how we can help your business grow!

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