Electronic Invoices​

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Daystar Payment Systems is committed to helping businesses eliminate the daunting task of manually processing invoices and letting their team free to focus on growing their businesses. Capitalize on this new technology and simplify sending and receiving while generating new value added for everyone involved.

What Is An E-Invoice?

An electronic invoice (e-invoice) is an invoice that is digital in it’s entirety, from issuance to archiving. It eliminates the need for paper-based invoices, making the invoicing process faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

Inbound And Outbound E-Invoicing Solutions

EInvoice your customers regardless of their network of choice!

Accept or reject invoices automatically

Connect with everyone via a single, user-friendly portal

Ensure that the date is complete and accurate

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

"We are a service-oriented company. We are here to serve you timely and effectively, and keeping in mind that your business is as important to us as ours, we do not exist without you"


24/7 support Round the clock

Never have to wait

A live business consultant, you will never have to wait

Full set up

Full set up with every vendor you have free of charge

Gateway management

Gateway management and technical support, Free of charge

Concierge analytics

A daily processing analysis to provide you with the health of your Transaction

Marketing analysis

A free in-house service from our team of marketing pros to assist you with the best way to position your products

Frequently Asked Questions

How does E-invoicing work?

In E-invoicing, invoices are generated electronically and sent directly to the recipient’s email or accounting system. The recipient can then approve, reject, or request changes to the invoice electronically, and the payment can be made through a payment gateway or bank transfer.

What are the benefits of E-invoicing?

E-invoicing offers numerous benefits, including reduced processing time, increased accuracy, cost savings, improved cash flow management, and enhanced security and compliance.

Is E-invoicing secure?

Yes, E-invoicing is secure. Electronic invoices are encrypted and transmitted over secure channels, ensuring that they are not intercepted or tampered with.

Do I need any special software to use E-invoicing?

No, you don’t need any special software to use E-invoicing. However, you may need to integrate your accounting system with your E-invoicing platform to automate the process. 

How can I get started with E-invoicing?

To get started with E-invoicing, you can contact us, we will sign up for an account, and start generating and sending invoices electronically.

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