What is Forex?

Forex, or Foreign Exchange is a global market where you can buy, sell, and trade currencies. It is a high-risk vertical and requires expertise and the right payment processing partner. CONTACT US NOW and start trading

Why do you need a Forex/offshore merchant account?

A great payment processor will ease your mind and help navigate this very uncertain, complicated territory with a much higher level of stability and simplicity. Some of the key added values are:

Large tickets, no cap: let the big players in without worries about ticket size, and if you will be able to accommodate large volume spikes around the world.

KYC-Knowing your customers

Your Forex processor must be able to identify your customers, verify they’re not fraudsters, protect your business and ensure that you get paid. Our partners deploy vast anti-fraud technologies to deter fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

Banking options in every country

We use acquiring banks in every market and deploy local payment options to ensure your customers do not abandon the checkout without your making a sale.

Spot bad actors: Our partners’ platform will recognize black-listed players and reject them before they manage to conduct any transactions. Your business is safe, and longevity of your merchant account guaranteed

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Why Daystar Payments is your best FOREX processing partner?

Why is Forex a very high-risk merchant account?

Traditional banks won’t touch this type of vertical because it is extremely volatile, which translate into less safety to those who choose to be in it.  Here are some of the detailed factors that make this business extremely high-risk, and you need to be mindful of:

Get The Ball Rolling

Your Forex business will thrive faster and safer with a merchant account turn the world into a single market without compromising your customers and your investments.

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