Key Benefits

We serve a diverse range of businesses in the retail industry, spanning from boutique shops and local retailers to national chains and large wholesalers.

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Swift Launch

Embark on the swift implementation of your Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) as you go live within a remarkable three-day period. Within a concise six weeks, experience the comprehensive transformation to a full white-label solution.

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Brand Centricity

Right from the start, we enhance the strength and resonance of your brand, aligning it seamlessly with your vision. Our focus is entirely centered on elevating and emphasizing the essence of your brand, making it the focal point of our efforts. 

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Comprehensive Support

Entrust every aspect of your operational journey to our dedicated team – from handling initial applications to adeptly troubleshooting issues. By shouldering the responsibilities of these processes, we free up your valuable time and resources..

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Sales, Marketing & Comprehensive Support

Elevate your online presence with a ready-to-launch website that features compelling content designed to captivate merchants and leave a lasting impression. Boost your brand visibility with the addition of 10 monthly blogs and engaging digital media content pieces. Furthermore, benefit from the expertise of a dedicated sales executive, assigned to exclusively work for you and operate under your direct guidance, a service activated after your 20th deal. This personalized approach ensures that your brand is not only showcased effectively but also supported by a professional team dedicated to your success.

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Daystar’s PaaS program allows SaaS businesses to integrate payment processing capabilities seamlessly into their software, enhancing their offering to customers.

Yes, Daystar offers full white-label solutions, allowing you to brand the payment processing service with your company’s name and logo.

You can get set up within just 3 days, ensuring a quick and efficient integration process.

Daystar offers an attractive revenue-sharing model, with SaaS businesses receiving an 80% revenue share from payment processing fees.

Yes, Daystar provides full 24/7 merchant support to ensure that your customers have assistance whenever they need it.

No, there is no upfront investment required to participate in Daystar’s PaaS program, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Yes, Daystar’s PaaS program accommodates both high-risk and low-risk merchants, offering tailored solutions for different business types.

No, there is no cap on recurring revenues, allowing you to maximize your earnings as your customer base grows.

Daystar employs industry-standard security protocols and compliance with data security regulations to safeguard payment data.

es, Daystar’s PaaS program offers customization options to align payment processing capabilities with your SaaS product’s requirements.

Yes, Daystar offers reporting and analytics tools to help you monitor and analyze payment transactions and trends.

SaaS businesses across various industries, including Fintech, Web Developers, wholesalers, Law firms, business associations, Marketers, Accountants, Bookkeepers and more are natural fits for Daystar’s PaaS program to enhance their offering.