POS Systems
Tailored for Small Business

With a commitment to revolutionizing the way businesses manage transactions and customer interactions, Daystar has developed a suite of POS solutions that seamlessly integrate with a variety of CRMS and e-commerce platforms. Their state-of-the-art technology not only streamlines the checkout process but also enhances overall customer experience. Daystar’s POS systems are designed to adapt and complement existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for businesses looking to upgrade their transaction capabilities.

Same Day Payout

Experience the convenience of same-day payouts with our cutting-edge payment processing system. Our daily deposit feature ensures that credit and debit card sales are seamlessly and swiftly deposited into your account, providing you with immediate access to your funds for enhanced liquidity and financial flexibility.

Tailored Business Support

Our coach-based support system stands as a pillar of unwavering assistance, providing personalized guidance to seamlessly integrate our services into your business. With dedicated coaches at your disposal, we ensure a smooth onboarding experience and ongoing support, fostering a collaborative partnership for your sustained success.

Apply Today, Start Processing Tomorrow

Experience swift merchant onboarding with our automated underwriting and instant approvals, ensuring you receive payments faster.

A robust point of sale and management solution designed to empower restaurant owners to enhance efficiency and simplify operations

Clover® is a comprehensive, all-in-one point of sale system powered by Android, featuring customized hardware tailored for the retail industry’s specific POS needs.

PAX® EMV compliant and equipped with NFC capabilities, making it compatible with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Ingenico POS Systems are trusted and versatile point-of-sale solutions known for their reliability and innovation.

Card readers are user-friendly and portable payment solutions designed to enable businesses of all sizes to accept card payments with ease.

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POS Systems FAQ

A POS (Point of Sale) system is a combination of hardware and software used by businesses to conduct sales transactions, manage inventory, and process payments.

Yes, we easily integrate with Shopify and all other major platforms available today.

The cost of our POS systems varies from $59 to thousands, depending on your business needs. Our POS systems come free of charge to new merchants.

Absolutely. Our POS systems are equipped to handle contactless payments, including NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Yes, we provide comprehensive training on how to use our POS systems, ensuring you and your staff can operate it efficiently.

Our POS systems are highly secure, meeting all PCI compliance standards and featuring advanced security measures to protect transaction data.

Yes, our POS system includes robust inventory management features that allow you to track stock levels, order products, and more.

We offer transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Monthly fees, if any, depend on the service plan you choose.

Yes, we offer 24/7 customer support for any technical issues or queries related to our POS systems.

Absolutely. Our POS systems are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor features and functionalities to fit your specific business requirements.