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We are the only company that will replace your POS system every time yours becomes outdated, free of charge. You will always have the latest equipment to keep your business booming.

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We will install your new equipment without causing any disruptions to your operations. Our Hassle-Free Installation ensures a smooth and efficient process, leaving you with more time to focus on your business

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Expert assistance at any time: Our 24/7 Technical Support ensures uninterrupted payment solutions for your retail business.

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Get paid on-the-go: Expand your business horizons with our payment solutions that allow you to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

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Clover POS

Clover has modern, attractive, and fast POS equipment powered by a cloud-based system. It is built to help scale and manage your business as it grow

Pax E700 POS

The Pax E700 POS is a countertop point of sale system that runs on the PAXBiz platform which is powered by Android. The E700 Pax POS includes a 12.5″ HD touchscreen tablet display which is designed to handle any POS application and thus will improve the customer and merchant user experience.

pax POS
Ingenico Move 5000

Ingenico Move 5000

The Move/5000 is a game changer, opening the portable payment terminal to a new world of business apps. Highest Security The Move/5000 is PCI-PTS 5. x certified and satisfies the latest hardware and software security requirements. Its Telium TETRA OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length

POS DEDejaPayPro

Most simplified POS register on CloudOnline/offline

Android register, tablets with Dejavoo terminals

A mobile or desktop, all-in-one device

Any number of registers / terminals combination

Supports SKUs, bluetooth barcode scanners & scales for most retailers and restaurants

POS DEDejaPayPro


The Desk/3500 enables NFC couponing and wallet use cases in addition to EMV Chip & PIN, swipe and contactless payments. User-friendly and intuitive interface.

PAX A920 (PAX Smart Terminal)

High-security certification standards with PCI 6.X, EMV L1&L2, Paywave, Paypass, Anatel. Leading Android POS manufacturer offering superior experience on POS system projects. R&D and Production. Ongoing Customer Support

PAX Smart Terminal
Z8 Tri Comm

Z8 Tri Comm

EMV and NFC Contactless Built In – EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified

Tri-Comm capability (Dial, IP, & WiFi)

Connect to WiFi easily, self discovering so the terminal finds all available Networks!

2.4’’ Color LCD with backlight192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)

Model: The Vega 3000 is PCI PTS v4.x Certified

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa PayWave, MasterCard PayPass

Display logo on the screen and print logo on the transaction receipts

32bits 400MHz high speed microprocessor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a POS system and how does it work for in-store payments?

A POS system, or point-of-sale system, is a hardware and software solution used to process payments for goods and services at a retail store. It typically includes a POS terminal, which allows customers to swipe, dip, or tap their credit or debit card to complete a transaction. The system then securely processes the payment and provides the merchant with a receipt.

What types of payments can be accepted through a POS system?

A POS system can typically accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and even cash. Some systems may also support additional payment options like gift cards and loyalty programs.

What types of businesses can benefit from a POS system?

A POS system can be beneficial for any type of retail business that accepts in-store payments, including brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses. It can help streamline transactions, improve accuracy in accounting and inventory management, and expand the types of payment methods you can accept.

How does your POS system protect my customers' payment information?

Our modern POS system is designed to protect your customers’ payment information using advanced encryption and tokenization technologies that prevent sensitive data like credit card numbers from being intercepted or stolen. Additionally, many systems are compliant with industry standards like PCI DSS, which helps ensure they meet stringent security requirements.

How do I choose the right POS system for my business?

Choosing the right POS system depends on several factors, including your business size, industry, and specific needs. Look for a system that offers the features and functionality you require, such as inventory management or customer data analysis tools, as well as a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to process transactions. Consider the cost and pricing structure of the system as well. You can always choose Daystar Payment Systems that has a strong reputation for customer support and service. 

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