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Are you a thriving nutraceutical company seeking seamless and reliable payment processing solutions? Look no further than Daystar Payments! We specialize in providing tailored merchant account services specifically designed for the unique needs of the nutraceutical industry.

Why Choose
Daystar Payments?


Secure Firearm Transactions

Rest easy knowing that your transactions are handled with the utmost security, complying with all industry regulations.


Custom Firearm Merchant Accounts

We offer personalized merchant accounts designed to meet the distinct requirements of firearm businesses.

Seamless Online and In-Store Payments

Whether you operate online or have a physical store, our payment solutions ensure a smooth and efficient transaction process.

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FFL Compliant Payment

Stay compliant with Federal Firearms License (FFL) regulations with our specialized payment processing solutions.

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Boost Your Firearm Business

Unlock the potential for growth with our innovative and reliable payment services, tailored for firearm merchants.

Key Features


Firearm-friendly Payment Gateway

Access a secure and specialized gateway designed for firearm transactions.

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NFA Compliant Solutions:

Navigate the complexities of the National Firearms Act (NFA) seamlessly with our compliant payment processing.

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Dedicated Support:

Our customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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