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Discover seamless and secure CBD and hemp credit card processing solutions that elevate your business to new heights. Our cutting-edge payment processing services for CBD and hemp businesses are designed to meet the unique needs of the industry while ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. Experience the convenience of accepting credit card payments for your CBD products, providing customers with a hassle-free and trustworthy shopping experience. Our state-of-the-art technology and robust security measures guarantee the protection of sensitive financial information, instilling confidence in both merchants and customers.


CBD & Hemp Payment Solutions

CBD & Hemp FAQ

Yes, we offer free chargeback and fraud protection services. Our advanced systems help protect your business from fraudulent transactions and mitigate chargeback risks.
Absolutely. Our infrastructure is equipped to handle high-volume transactions efficiently, ensuring that your business operations are smooth and uninterrupted, regardless of the transaction volume.

Yes, we provide multiple MIDs. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses looking to diversify their payment processing across different products or services.

We have partnerships with 20 acquiring banks. This extensive network allows us to offer more reliability and flexibility in processing your payments.
Yes, we provide both domestic and offshore processing solutions, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your business model and customer base.
No, we pride ourselves on transparency. There are no setup fees or hidden charges in our payment processing services.
We strictly adhere to all legal and regulatory guidelines in the hemp and CBD industry. Our compliance team continually monitors and updates our practices to stay in line with changing laws and regulations.
Our payment processing solution supports a wide range of payment methods, including all major credit and debit cards, to ensure that you can cater to all your customers’ preferences.
The account setup process is streamlined and efficient. Once you submit all required documents, we aim to get your account up and running as quickly as possible, typically within a few business days.

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